Cloud and AI Technology Partner

Cloud Architecture, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and AI

Welcome to Wukong Design

With more than 10 years' experience, Wukong Design provides variety of services:

Cloud Application Architectural Design

SaaS Application Development

Data Pipeline and Data Engineering

Machine Learning and AI Technology Partner

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Abacus.AI Technology Partner

Abacus.AI creates cutting-edge AI that is easy to embed into enterprise applications. Wukong Design is proud to be Abacus.AI partner to apply the latest AI technology to broad range of use cases.

Google Cloud Technology Partner

Wukong Design is proud to be Google Cloud Technology partner. We are experienced in leveraging Google Cloud Platform to deliver enterprise SaaS Cloud solutions with big data analytics.

Data Engineering Partner

Data Ingestion, Extraction and Transformation

Data Warehouse and Storage

Data Correlation, Data Aggregation and Data Processing,

Data Security and Data Management

Machine Learning and AI Partner

Cloud Architectural Design

AI Service and Auto ML Partner

Machine Learning Model Development

ML Model Deployment and Maintenance


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