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Using High Replication Datastore for TheBugTrack Service

posted May 21, 2012, 11:01 PM by Vincent Zhou

TheBugTrack service is built upon Google App Engine, Google's Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) cloud solution, which Google uses to power it's own application.  When App Engine launched over two years ago, the backend datastore only supports one mode: Master/Slave.  Since last year, Google has announced a new datastore mode: High Replication Datastore (HRD).   The High Replication Datastore provides the highest level of availability for your reads and writes. The High Replication Datastore increases the number of data centers that maintain replicas of data by synchronizing that data across datacenters in real time. One of the most significant benefits is that all functionality of the application will remain fully available during planned maintenance periods, as well as during most unplanned infrastructure issues. A more detailed comparison between these two options can be found here.

After Google has announced High Replication Datastore mode for more than one year, we think it's time for our TheBugTrack service to take fully advantage of it.  Recently we have successfully migrated our service to High Replication Datastore mode.  The migration went pretty smoothly.  We hope you enjoy a more stable and reliable TheBugTrack service experience.

Copy Project Settings

posted Jan 8, 2012, 3:50 PM by Vincent Zhou

        When creating a new project, TheBugTrack supports copying project settings from an existing project, please see screenshot below:

        It could save lots of time manually re-create custom fields, since those fields are likely being shared between projects within the same organization.

Clone, Move and Delete Bug

posted Oct 23, 2011, 10:31 PM by Vincent Zhou

            We are glad to report that we have introduced a few new bug operations, including bug clone, moving bug from one project to another project, and delete bug, as customer requested.

            In bug's form view, please click "More" menu to see new operations: "Clone", "Move" and "Delete".  Please see screen capture below:

            "Clone Bug" will duplicate bug to the same project or to another project.
            "Move Bug" will move bug from current project to another project.
            "Delete Bug" will permanently delete bug.

            "Move Bug" and "Delete Bug" are restricted to administrators to use.  Please use it with care.  Please let us know your feedback.

Save Sorting Preference for Queries

posted Oct 1, 2011, 3:28 PM by Vincent Zhou

            We have received several requests which ask TheBugTrack to save sorting column for queries, so users don't have to do extra clicks to sort bugs after loading query results.  We are happy to announce that TheBugTrack now supports saving sorting column for your queries as requested.

            By default, query results are sorted by bug ID, with the latest bugs on top.  To change sorting preference of any query you own, please click "Edit Query" (above query result) link, and then click "Display" tab to edit query display:

            Please choose your sorting field and sorting order and then click "Apply" button.  Your sorting field will be saved.  For now we only support sorting over default bug fields such as bug priority, state, bug fixer, tester, submitter, last changed date, target date, etc.  We hope to support custom fields sorting in the future.  When sorting over users, the sorting is based on user's email address, not user's first name nor last name.

            Also, at any time, you can click the column header to sort your bug query results dynamically.  The sorting are now cross pages, not limited to a single page any more.  To preserve the sorting for next time though, you need modify query display's "Sorting Field", as the picture shown above.


Submit Bug via Email

posted Oct 1, 2011, 3:03 PM by Vincent Zhou   [ updated Oct 1, 2011, 3:20 PM ]

            TheBugTrack service supports user submitting bug via email.  We have been beta running this feature for a while now.  Here are some details.  

            Bug submission via email is projected based.  For each project, please go to project "Settings" page, and then click "Email" tab, you will find a unique email address assigned to this project:

            Sending email to the system-assigned email address in project settings page will create a new bug within this project.  Newly submitted bugs via email will stay in "New" state with no fixer assigned.  Please review new bugs and assign fixer accordingly after logging in to TheBugTrack service.

            The email title will become new bug's title, and email content will become new bug's description.  We don't support setting any other fields via email yet.  We are considering introducing bug submission template in the future which will allow setting more fields via email.

            Hope you like this feature.  If you have any questions, please send email to

European Date Format Support

posted Sep 15, 2011, 3:20 PM by Vincent Zhou

            TheBugTrack service now supports European date format in our bug/issue display.  Our customers in Europe have complained that it could cause confusion if we only support U.S. date format.  Now we support three date formats: "month/date/year", or "date/month/year", or "year-month-date".

            To change date format for your domain, please log in to TheBugTrack service as administrator, click "Admin" link on top right, and then click "Date/Time" tab:

            From "Date/Time" tab, please choose one date format you prefer.

Invite User from Another Google Apps Domain

posted Aug 6, 2011, 2:16 PM by Vincent Zhou   [ updated Aug 6, 2011, 3:26 PM ]

        TheBugTrack service now supports inviting user from another Google Apps domain.  

        After installing TheBugTrack service to you own domain, you can go to "Admin" - "Users" tab, and invite users from another Google Apps domain to participate your issue tracking project with TheBugTrack service.

        Once the invitation is sent, the invited user receives an email and the only thing he needs to do is to click "Accept" link in the invitation email.  Please feel free to give it a try and let us know if you have any questions.

Project Settings: Hide Version Fields

posted Aug 6, 2011, 1:23 PM by Vincent Zhou

        By default, each project comes with a "Version List" field. This version list is typically used to track which version of software a bug is found and which version this bug is targeted to fix.  In bug form view, TheBugTrack displays two fields related to version list: "Found in Version" and "Target Version".

        We have introduced a new option in Project Settings to allow user to hide these two version fields if they don't use them.  Please click "Settings" link of your project, and find the version list at the "General" tab:

        Please choose "Don't use version list" option to hide version related fields.

TheBugTrack Receives TRUSTed Apps Data Privacy Certification for Google Marketplace Apps

posted Jul 17, 2011, 10:58 PM by Vincent Zhou

            Wukong Design announced today that its TheBugTrack, an easy-to-use online issue tracking system has received TRUSTed Apps Data Privacy Certification in the Google Apps Marketplace. TRUSTe certification demonstrates that Wukong Design follows TRUSTe’s privacy standards for the Marketplace apps in regards to the collection, storing, use and sharing of its users’ data and adheres to standardized best practices described at
            Please read the full press release here.

New Video Demo for TheBugTrack Service

posted Jul 17, 2011, 9:52 PM by Vincent Zhou   [ updated Jul 17, 2011, 10:05 PM ]

        We are pleased to announce a new video demo for TheBugTrack service:


        This new video reflects the latest features in TheBugTrack service.  We hope you like it.

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