Who We Are

Wukong Design is dedicated to provide web services from the cloud which improve team 
collaboration and productivity.  TheBugTrack, an easy-to-use online issue tracking service, is the first product created by Wukong Design, 


TheBugTrack is an easy-to-use, feature-rich online issue and bug tracking service and team collaboration tool designed specifically for Google Apps users. No setup is required.

TheBugTrack eliminates the tedious setup and IT support associated with traditional bug tracking systems. Simplicity and usability are at the core of TheBugTrack service. 

TheBugTrack is easy to use while providing a rich set of bug tracking features:

* Single sign-on to TheBugTrack service with a Google Apps user account.
* Follow each bug’s life cycle of four easy-to-remember states: "New," "Assigned," "In Test" and "Closed."
* Record the full details such as title, severity, type, description, version, subsystem, notes, and resolution.
* Save a bug draft before submitting it.
* Auto-fill bug fixers and testers from a list of Google Apps domain users.
* Change a bug's state with actions such as "Submit," "Assign," "Resolve," "Close" and "Reopen."
* View a history of each bug's state changes.
* Turn on automatic email notification for when a bug is assigned or ready for test.
* Add custom fields to bug tracking records.
* Utilize default queries that meet common bug query needs, or perform user-defined queries.
* Export data for use in other applications.

Based on your requests, new features are regularly added to TheBugTrack service to meet your issue tracking needs.